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CR8 Q20

A Nike Air Max 1 Creation by  Artist  Kimmiski Art

CNK Daily x Nike by You

Air Max Mondays

CR8 Q20 is inspired by the quarantine shut down. The lock down and initial shock of Quarantine made creating a little difficult. It made my mind at least feel like I had lost all resources to create. This was a state of mind I am glad that I was able to shake by making something everyday. That could be anything from cooking, to sketching, I've done floral arrangements, lesson planning and of course painting. When CNK Daily and Nike By You asked for me to create some sneakers I was still working through a funk that now no longer exist. I had to create my way out of a negative state of mind. Quarantine has helped me find my creative voice especially when creating sneakers.  To all of my creators stay up, push through and find peace.


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