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Never Fold Art Show

Kimmiski's First Solo Art Showing.

The Never Fold Art Show is derived from a collection of 12 pieces that pay homage to hip hop and pop culture with portraitures of icons such as Biggie, Tupac and Nas. Other pieces exhibit sneaker culture with depictions of the Air Jordan 1 series, as well as introduces Kimmiski-original characters. In addition, Kimmiski reveals the “Never Fold” Air Max1, a product of her participation as a co-creator with Nike By You and Cultivator. -

Jordan Harris , Curator - Who’s Who PR.

Thoughts Post Project:

This show was created in 1 month. It was the perfect time to have a showing of the collective efforts I had been making for 10 years of practice. In a matter of weeks I learned event promotion and planning. Along side creating promotion for the " Never Fold" Air Max 1, I was teaching and creating this art showing. Learning everything from gallery lighting, product showing and marketing I gained so much confidence in my ability to produce a quality show. We had 200+ people show up for this event. Thank you to the good people of Houston.

Project Gallery

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